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I'm a pretty big fan of our planet.


Having worked in the environment not for profit space for the last seven years, I can advise on what customers expect from a brand when it comes to sustainability creds.

Whether you need to know what an educated consumer will think about the compostable plastic packaging you're considering for your product, or you're just trying to create the best possible product for the planet, I can help. 

I love simplifying and explaining the 'nerdy', 'boring', 'complicated' ways that we can create a better future, so that anyone can understand. 

There are big ways that every day people can make a difference, and sometimes they just need to be shown how, or that it's not as hard as they think. It could be explaining the concept of a solar farm to a renter who thinks they can't invest in solar panels, or convincing people to take on the little bit of life admin that's switching to a bank that doesn't lend to the fossil fuel industry.

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