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Social Media

I've been volunteering and working in social media for the last seven years. I'm one of those people often accused of being attached to my phone. I'll happily admit it's true - I think it's the reason I'm able to see a trend coming from a mile away and stay way ahead of the pack, and in the era of cancel culture, the platforms I run will not be cancelled.

As Head of Social Media at 1 Million Women from February 2017 until March 2020, I grew 1MW's Instagram following by 600% and Facebook by 300%. 

I've overseen the creation of social content that has been viewed by up to 50 million people per post. You can check some of the biggest hitters out below.  

But what I'm most proud of, is that the online communities I foster are places where people are not only engaged, but feeling encouraged and hopeful. Social media can be a depressing place, or it can be a place where people find inspiration, help and reliable info. I'm always working to create the latter. 

A couple of years ago, a lot of people believed that balloons decompose naturally. This video is about what happens when balloons are released, and they don't decompose, because they're made from plastic. It was posted multiple times across 1 Million Women's social channels, getting millions of views each time. Watch it here on Facebook.

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